Banish Friends: Wiffle Ball Strike Zone Review

Wiffle Ball Strike Zone Image #1

Are you constantly hopping up and down to retrieve your scratched up Wiffle ball?

What about using a close friend as your catcher? Not a bad idea, until your loyal friend has to work, is taking care of their tiny sister, or flew out of town.

So now what? You’re stuck repeatedly hopping back and forth just to obtain your Wiffle ball.

But not anymore!!!

If you are looking for a practical Wiffle ball strike zone, then the Xtra Fielder Pro Strike Zone Net is the choice for you. It is an incredibly practical product, made for Wiffle Ball, Blitzball, Junk ball and Swerve ball.

Analyzing The Product:

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The item is available in two-sizes (17×24 and 26×32) and can be installed without much frustration. Take it inside! The Square or H-style PVC will prevent rain or gloomy weather from stopping your exciting game of Wiffle ball. Since, this wide strike zone acts as an umpire and stopper, you will no longer have to worry about deciding whether it was a strike or not. It also eliminates having to panic about your small child being targeted by a zooming ball, since the strike zone can act as a catcher, if you were to purchase more of these Wiffle ball strike zones.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of one Wiffle Ball backstop is $57.00 (which is subject to change). Each one comes with one Xtra Fielder Pro Strike Zone net, an official Wiffle ball bat and ball, and one H-style or Square style PVC stand.

Pros and Cons


  • Murder controversial strikes: Wiffle ball strike zone acts as an umpire!
  • Boost your pitching prowess: Acts as a catcher and back-stopper.
  • Extremely versatile: Works as a Wiffle ball, Junk ball, Swerve ball, and Blitzball strike zone!
  • Stop burning your money: An authentic Wiffle ball and bat is fortunately included, to avoid unnecessarily blazing through more of your hard-earned cash.
  • Overcome disastrous weather: A PVC stand is included (For indoors and outdoors use).
  • The extra wait is over: 2-Day fast-free shipping available, with Amazon Prime.
  • Avoid having to adapt: Same width as a baseball strike zone (17×24).
  • Support the economy: It’s made in the hardworking country of the USA.
  • Don’t waste time searching: One of the only Wiffle ball strike zones available right now on the market.


  • The price can be a little expensive for the product provided.
  • The Wiffle ball backstop strike zone can be flimsy. (One user reported that the plastic rod was starting to rip, where the rod gets inserted.)
  • It can take a little tweaking to set up everything so that it stands up just right.
  • Doesn’t come in a variety of colors. (If you’re lucky, you’ll find it in pink, instead of yellow.

See What Others Are Saying:

“…one of the most fantastic ideas in a long time. I love your game and I’m sure everyone else will too.”
Larry S. inventor, retired doctor and grandfather from Camarillo, California

“The Xtrafielder is a great idea if you’d like some extra help for the two fielders…”

Should I get the Xtra Fielder Pro Strike Zone Net?

I understand that the high market saturation and creative marketing campaigns can make it harder for the average purchaser to choose between products, but if you’re okay with all of the positives and negatives stated above, then this Wiffle ball strike zone net, is a strong candidate to suit your wiffle ball needs.