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5 Affordable Wiffle Bats You Can Easily Buy

Louisville Slugger Replica

Louisville Slugger Replica

FlagHouse Jumbo Bat


Easton Pro Stix Training Set


Original Wiffle Ball and Bat


FlagHouse’s Dura-Bat



  • Sexy, Simple, Stupid
  • 2-Day FREE Shipping
  • Save Money
  • Support The Economy
  • Louisville Slugger Replica


  • A Bit Expensive
  • Lacks Toughness
  • Hard To Hit
  • Limited Warranty


How Everything Is Organized:

  1. Why You Should Purchase
  2. Why You Shouldn’t Purchase
  3. Final Verdict
  4. Wiffle Ball 360 Rating
  5. Quick Summarry
  6. The History of The Company

Wiffle Ball Bat Review ( Easton Bats Pro Stix Training Set )

Wiffle Ball Bat #1:

Easton Pro Stix Training Set

Thumbs up picture for Wiffle ball bat review page.

Wiffle Bats can be expensive. Are you ready to cough up your money for this one?

Reasons To Get This Wiffle Ball Bat:

  1. Effortless To Carry: Avoid draining your limited energy and effortlessly lift up [ 0.68 lbs ] 
  2. Capture Some Attention: WOW! Stop the hurling and attract attention [ Modeled After A Professional Wood Series Bat ]
  3. Not Very Fragile: HURRAH! Halt your zooming thoughts, and endure a BANG! [ Durable ]
  4. No Wasting Money: SIZZLE! Stop squeezing out your money and quickly pocket your savings. [ $9.62 ]
  5. No Long Waits: AMEN! Stop peeking at your dense cell-phone and rapidly claw apart your container [ 2-Day FREE shipping available ] (Shipping Subject To Change)…

Reasons To Not Get This Wiffle Ball Bat:

  1. Atrocious Plastic Ball: OH MAN. The only annoying problem is, the fragile ball easily dents without much force on your part…

What Others Are Saying:

“Amazing. Always love playing with the boys with this bat…” – Chris R.

“This bat is made amazingly. It feels great and it has a level swing. This bat crushes wiffle balls extremely far. I highly recommend this product. My team uses this before games, for Soft toss, most of the time and everyone loves it.” – Ryan M.

“Thought about this for a long time and I finally decided. It works great with swerve balls and blitz balls.” – Jake B.

Wiffle Ball 360 Rating: 9.0/10

Because, this replica Wiffle bat tends to have more benefits than negatives, and it’s modeled after a professional wood series bat.

Final Verdict:

“…If you are looking for…”

…If you are looking for a slender, neat, affordable, durable Wiffle bat, then the Easton Pro Stix is an excellent option you completely need to consider.


( Hey You! Don’t Stand Out and Own An Ugly Bat. Get Yours Before It Ends, Now! )

Quick Summary;

  • Weight: 10.9 OZ (0.68lbs)
  • Length: N/A
  • Width: N/A
  • Currently Sells For: $9.62
  • Amazon Prime: Yes
  • Looks: Great
  • Durability: Good
  • Mainly Positive Reviews: Yes
  • Affordability: Affordable



Wiffle Ball Bat Reviews ( Jumbo Wiffle Ball Set ).

Wiffle Ball Bat #2:

FlagHouse Jumbo Bat

Thumbs Up Wiffle Ball Bat Review Picture #2.

  • Normal Wiffle bats can be severely thin. Are you willing to potentially have your smiling child tugging at their thin strands of hair, simply because they keep swinging n’ missing?

Reasons To Purchase This Wiffle Ball Bat:

  1. Exceptional Mentoring Tool: BANG! Stop your little one’s vicious hair-pulling, and easily bat [ 4 in Diameter ]…
  2. Easy-To-Carry: Swoosh! Stop bashing your head, and cradle effortlessly [ 0.3lbs ]...
  3. Nice Length: Hurray! Stretch for less, since it instantly supports you for a more extensive reach [ Since It’s 26 inches long ]…
  4. Shield Your Self: Phew! Bury your heart-thumping anxiety, and armor yourself against any manufacturer’s defects [ 1-Year Warranty ] [ Visit Website For Details ]…

Reasons To Not Get This Wiffle Ball Bat:

  1. Expensive: Yikes! You can definitely rescue a couple of dollars by gently handing over your decaying cash to other potentially untrustworthy websites…

Wiffle Ball 360 Rating: 8.5 Out Of 10

Since, this bulging Wiffle bat seems to be somewhat overpriced, but, overall, tends to have several problem-solving features and is packed with some very good reviews.

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a red Wiffle ball bat, that is bulky, as light as a feather and that is great for kids, then this one is the perfect one for you…

Wiffle Ball Bats Struggling Picture.

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Quick Summary:

  • Weighs: 4.8oz (0.3lbs)
  • Length: 26 inches
  • Width: N/A
  • Currently Sells For: $17.89 (Price Will Vary Depending On Where You Go)
  • Amazon Prime: Yes
  • Looks: Okay
  • Durability: Normal
  • Mainly Positive Reviews: Yes
  • Manufacturers Warranty: Yes
  • Affordability: Expensive



Wiffleball360.com wiffle ball bat review ( Wiffle Ball Set ).

Wiffle Ball Bat #3:

Louisville Slugger Replica Bat and Ball

Reasons To Purchase This Wiffle Ball Bat:

  1. Louisville Plastic Replica: HOLY MOLY! Stop slicing through your torn money and WOW your friends [ Genuine C271 34″ Big League Replica ]…
  2. Support The U.S: YIPPEE! Stop tossing away your crumbling money and reinforce your country [ Made in the USA ]…
  3. Save Your Money: CRACKLE! Stop setting your money into crackling flames and instantly sprint to your breezy backyard! [ Since a Bonus Ball is Included ]…
  4. Eliminate Your Boredom: TEE-HEE! Stop dragging your hand across your oily face, and viciously smack your happy face on! [ Extremely Fun ] 
  5. Save YOUR Time: RAH-RAH! Stop impatiently tapping your foot, and immediately claw open your freshly-packaged Wiffle bat! [ 2-Day Fast FREE Shipping Is Available (Subject To Change) ]
  6. Sexy, Simple, Stupid: HUZZAH! You get a special design that looks exceptionally seductive. The Wiffle ball bat looks extraordinarily simple, yet strikingly sexy. It’s immensely black, fairly slim, includes some plain logos and uncomplicated lettering, and has a real wood grain look to it. Definitely my favorite design on this long review…
  7. Calm Your Anxiety: PHEW! Hey You! Stop anxiously gulping-down the cold oxygen particles and enjoy the benefits of your LIMITED WARRANTY…

 Reasons To Not Get This Wiffle Ball Bat:

  1. Thin: Oh No! Slightly harder for you to aggressively smack your scraped Wiffle ball, since it’s thinner than some of the different bats, deeply analyzed on this packed review…
  2. Lacks Toughness: Oh Darn! Some users lightly tapped their small fingers onto their plastic keyboards to quickly report that their new Wiffle bat cracked easily and quickly…
  3. Limited Warranty: RRRGH! It’s fairly difficult to obtain; You have to lazily visit the manufacturers website and you have to slackly fill out a form, to request for your rightful warranty ( They also don’t precisely give you an exact time period of how long you have, after the initial purchase, to fairly seek for a replacement ).

Wiffle Ball 360: 8.0/10

Since it looks seductive, but comes with a cheap ball, and the price is not bad, given the type of product you are being sold.

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a slim, eye-pleasing, Wiffle ball bat, then this is the one…

“…the design is just…”

…I personally think this is the best Wiffle ball bat on this jam-packed review, since, I can’t stress it enough, the design is just amazing

…If you’re hesitant about investing your money into a slender Wiffle bat, because it may be grueling for you, or your kid, to slam a small Wiffle ball, then consider whipping out your debit card and and adding a thicker bat to your shopping cart…

…Like Flaghouse’s Jumbo Baseball Bat analyzed above…

( Stop Searching The Web and Click Here To Purchase Before The Offer Changes! )

Quick Summary:

  • Weighs: 9.6 Oz (0.6 lbs)
  • Length: 34 inches
  • Width: N/A
  • Currently Sells For: $16.63 (Price Will Vary Depending On Where You Go)
  • Amazon Prime: Yes
  • Looks: Sexy
  • Durability: Normal
  • Mainly Positive Reviews: Yes
  • Manufacturers Warranty: Yes
  • Affordability: Okay


Wiffle Bat Review by Wiffle Ball 360 ( Wiffle Ball Set Picture ).

                                              Wiffle Ball Bat #4:

Wiffle Ball’s Bat and Ball

Reasons To Purchase This Wiffle Ball Bat:

  1. Save Time & Money: HIP-HIP! Pocket your flat singles, and briskly snatch up one aroma-filled coffee [ Since 3 Original Wiffle Balls Are Included ]
  2. Eliminate The Fakeness: YIPPEE! Stop wrapping your dirty hands around “Wiffle balls” and quickly savor the flying movements of the original Wiffle ball… [ Since It’s An Authentic Wiffle Set]
  3. Support Your Country: OUCH! Stop throwing your crushed Lincoln’s towards foreign countries and boosting the overflowing mountains of green cash and dutifully support your massive U.S economy [ Since It’s Made in the USA ]
  4. Safe For Children: WHOOPEE! Box away your screaming fears, and comfortably observe your smiling kids flash back and forth [ Since It’s Created For Slow and Limited Flight ]
  5. High Quality Plastic: HURRAY! Unlike other untrustworthy products, Wiffle promises you it’s made from high-quality plastic…

Reasons To Not Purchase This Wiffle Ball Bat:

  1. Not The Cheapest; Oh Man. You can wrap your hands around cheaper bats, elsewhere…
Best Wiffle Ball Bats Review. (Picture)

[Another wiffle bat that I couldn’t find much negative reviews for.]

What Others Are Saying:

“Instantly raised my average by at least .250! Tons of fun playing with the neighborhood kids!” – John N.

“Played all weekend! Curve ball was working just like it was 20 years ago!” – Kevin D.

This took me back when I was 9 years old. I played with my kids recently and man I felt like a kid again. Priceless. – Markie S.

“Exactly what you would expect. Old school Wiffle ball.” – Erin K.

“Who doesn’t love a good Wiffle ball game at a BBQ? This made everything amazing. and the product is a classic” – Robert C.

“Great product and great price for a Wiffle ball bat and ball! We bought an extra one to take camping in Kings Canyon National Park.” – Michelle S.


Wiffle Ball Rating: 9/10

Due to the fact that it contains mainly positive reviews (with the exception of the few negative ones) and because it’s manufactured by the original founder of the Wiffle ball…

Final Verdict:

If you’re interested in an authentic Wiffle set, that is affordable, then whip out your blue MasterCard and lightly type, onto your cellphone’s lit’up screen, your card’s information, to instantly receive your new Wiffle set…

…Keep on reading, until the very end of this review, to have a further understanding of what Wiffle bats are, or aren’t, perfect for you…

Fun Fact:

  • Did you know Wiffle Ball apparently owns the color yellow? Or so they say, on their Wiffle bats…

Wiffle Ball Trademarked The Color Yellow!



( Stop Purchasing Cheap Wiffle Bats and Get Your Authentic One Now, Before Supplies End! )

Quick Summary:

  • Weighs: 8 oz ( 0.5 lbs )
  • Length: 32 in
  • Width: 1.25 in
  • Currently Sells For: $15.95
  • Amazon Prime: Yes
  • Looks: Okay
  • Durability: N/A
  • Reviews: Positive
  • Manufacturers Warranty: N/A
  • Affordability: Okay



Quick Wiffle Ball Bat Review! ( Black Bat Picture)

Wiffle Ball Bat #5:

FlagHouse’s Dura-Bat

Reasons You Should Get This Wiffle Ball Bat:

  1. Endure’s Some Damage: Stop punching your interior walls and soothingly feel your white Wiffle balls dashing away from your new Wiffle bat [ Since It’s Made of Durable, Stocky-Walled Plastic ]
  2. End Your Struggle: Stop flexing your bulging muscles and effortlessly wiggle back-and-forth  [ Since It Only Weighs 0.48 lb ]
  3. Save Your Money: Eliminate slicing n’ dicing your dusty money and comfortably whisk out your crumbled cash [ Since It’s Only $10.63! ]
  4. Kill Your Anxiety: Kill your head-bashing anxiety, and swiftly shield yourself from manufacturer defects [ Since A 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty Is Available]
  5. End Your Struggle: Stop struggling and enjoy your not so long Wiffle bat [ Since It’s 29.5 Inches Long ]

Reasons You Shouldn’t Get This Wiffle Ball Bat:

  1. The Length: I know, I said the length was a positive, but it’s a double edge sword, since it may be too long for some children to use. [Think about it. The average 4 year old is 40 inches tall, according to this article from kidshealth.org ,and the Wiffle ball bat is 29.5 inches long (It’s almost the same size as the common 4 year old!)].
  2. Looks Extremely Ugly: In my personal opinion, since it is nothing but black paint. Flag house should’ve gotten more creative with the design, this way, this exact, plastic wiffle bat would attract more buyers.
  3. The Handle: It could be a little smaller for your child to hold on to. But it could be a perfect fit, depending on the child (to be honest), since kids come in all sizes.
  4. Another Double Edged Sword: It may not be your bat of choice, if plastic isn’t your thing. But if it is, than you need to consider purchasing this one, since it is constructed of strong plastic, according to the manufacturer, as stated above.

Wiffle Ball 360 Rating: 7/10

Since it is tough, as light as a feather, has a great height to it, making it ideal for adults and children alike, (but not all kids)…

…The plain black color makes it look horrific, thus forcing me to take off some points.

Final Verdict: 

“…and you don’t mind this black color, then go…”

If you’re looking for a light weight, tough, Wiffle ball bat, that is long, but not too long, compared to some other Wiffle bats, and you don’t mind this black color, then go and purchase this Wiffle bat, today…

“…But if you want something prettier…”

…But if you want something prettier, shorter in length for your kids, or want a cheaper bat, then purchase one of the other affordable Wiffle ball bats mentioned in this review…

…since this bat may not ideal for you.

“…I would purchase this only because…”

…Personally, I would purchase this only because of how much strength this plastic bat is supposed to carry…

( Get Away From Fragile Bats and Start Enduring Some Thumps Today, While Supplies Last! )

Quick Summary:

  • Weighs: 7.68 Ounces (0.48 Pounds)
  • Length: 29.5 Inches
  • Width: N/A
  • Currently Sells For: $15.79 (Prices are prone to change.)
  • Amazon Prime: Yes
  • Looks: Bad
  • Durability: High
  • Mainly Positive Reviews: Yes
  • Manufacturers Warranty: 1 Year
  • Affordability: Ok

Company History Reviews:

  1. Easton Pro Stix Training Set:

Read Easton Company’s History:

Officially incorporated in 1953, Easton didn’t officially become Easton Sports Inc until the year 1985.

In 1981 they gained approval from the National Hockey League Association (NHL), for their newly engineered aluminum hockey stick.

“Easton saw its revenues increase from $13M to 100M…”

Easton saw its revenues increase from $13M to 100M from the year 1977 to the year 1991.

This was all, successfully, happening against high-level competition, such as Nike, Wilson, Mizuno, and Spalding.

By the year 2000, about 40% of NHL  players were using an Easton hockey stick!

In the 1990’s, softball associations started to ban an Easton titanium softball bat, simply because it was working extremely well and was considered threatening…

“… it would have had added a much more serious… “

…as well as the fact that, it would have had added a much more serious offensive component to the game.

After expanding the company into different markets, such as cricket and baseball, several suitors and investment bankers approached Jim Easton, the owner, looking to take over the wildly successful company and to make it go public.

“Mr. Easton refused…”

Mr. Easton refused, since he was perfectly happy with keeping the business private and family owned.

It looks as if Greg Easton, Jim Easton’s son, is the man to continue this business empire, constructed by his great grandfather, Doug Easton, who in the year 1921, was sporting near his home in Watsonville, California

“…and almost died…”

… and almost died, from an accidental shotgun blast, that unintentionally fell from leaning against a car door, that left both of his legs badly wounded.

2. Flaghouse Jumbo Bat:

Read FlagHouse Company’s History:

In 1954, FlagHouse first appeared in New York City’s Greenwich Village to sell booster items, such as flags and pennants, to help local schools and organizations obtain extra cash.

Then, in 1962, Monte Carmel became an associate and added sporting goods to the product line.

“8 Years Later…”

8 years later, FlagHouse mailed their firs full-length catalog for sports and recreation, to schools, camps and other institution-based clients.

In 1972, the company expanded and moved to New York City, to the Flatiron District.

“…in 1978, FlagHouse decided to create…”

A few years later, in 1978, FlagHouse decided to create a catalog (Exceptional Children & Adults) featuring products for the use of children with special needs, since there wasn’t enough resources for them available.

By 1985, the son of Monte Carmel had joined the successful company.

“…in 1986, they relocated to…”

Then,In 1986, they relocated to a 50,000-square foot distribution center north of New York City, in Mount Vernon.

“Then,10 years later…”

Then, 10 years later, in 1996, they relocated again to Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, into a bigger facility that was 118,000-square foot facility.

Douglas Carmel, Monte Carmel’s son, joined the company in that year as well.

“In 1998…”

In 1998, FlagHouse started marketing, a long with Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living at University of Texas. the leading health initiative for children’s wellness in the U.S, named CATCH.

“…took over the leadership roles of…”

That same year Monte Carmel retired and his sons, Douglas and George Carmel, took over the leadership roles of the company completely.

“The company created KiDnastics, in 1999, which…”

The company created KiDnastics, in 1999, which helped PE professionals with a choice to stunt gymnastics programs.

In 2005 FlagHouse became the only and first company to be given a long-term contract to provide physical education equipment to the New York City Department of Education – the biggest school system in the country.

“FlagHouse launched its free Bullying Awareness…”

FlagHouse launched its free Bullying Awareness and Prevention Program – Play Well With Others…Be Active Against Bullying! – along with many  esteemed national partners, in 2012.

This program developed physical activities to promote bullying awareness among kids in grades 3-8.

“In 2016, FlagHouse…”

In 2016, FlagHouse Activity Channel on YouTube was launched which features videos of alluring, ingenious activities using FlagHouse products.

New videos are uploaded every week.

If you want to read the whole company timeline, go to their website.

3. Lousville Slugger Baseball Replica:

Read History of The Louisville Slugger:

It all started in Louisville, Kentucky, back in the 1880’s where John A. “Bud” Hillerich, was working at his fathers woodworking business.

One day, he went to view the Louisiville Eclispe play, the town’s MLB team, in 1884.

“…broke his bat.”

During the game Pete Browning, one of the baseball players, broke his bat.

Bud invited Pete over to his father’s business and offered to make him a new bat.

“Browning accepted…”

Browning accepted and guided Bud in the creation of his new handcrafted bat, which was constructed from a long slab of wood.

Exactly the next day, Pete debuted his freshly made bat and forced 3 hits!

“…resulting in a wave of professional ball players to the Hillerichs’es business.”

This led to Pete speaking about his new bat to his teammates and where he had gotten it, resulting in a wave of professional ball players to the Hillerichs’es business.

But his father didn’t have much of an interest in making bats.

“He was primarily interested in…”

( He was primarily interested in stair railings, porch columns and swinging butter churns. )

But his son was determined to keep working with baseball players.

To make this long story short, Bud took over the company in 1894, and patented the name “Louisville Slugger” with the U.S Patent Office.

“( The same way Nike does with Michael Jordan and other companies do with professional athletes ).”

Later down their venture, they payed Hall of Fame hitter Honus Wagner to place his name on one of their bats ( The same way Nike does with Michael Jordan and other companies do with professional athletes ).

Why? To increase sales!

Obviously it worked, as you will see down below.

“Baseball icons like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Ty Cobb all…”

Baseball icons like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Ty Cobb all used Louisville Sluggers during their games, showing us how popular these were becoming.

Did you know that by 1923 this specific bat sold more bats than any other bat maker in the United States!?!?

“…they have sold more than 100,000,000 bats!”

120 years after the beginning of the Louisville Slugger came to be they have sold more than 100,000,000 bats!

Did you know that 60% of all MLB players use a Louisville Slugger?

“Several national college baseball champions have also…”

Several national college baseball champions have also swung Louisville Sluggers to make it to the top!

If you would like to read the complete story, go to the company’s website here.

4. Original Wiffle Bat.

Read Wiffle Ball’s Company History:

“…across the world and in the hands of millions…”

Across the United States, across the world and in the hands of millions, and now a 2017 National Toy Hall of Fame Finalist.

It all started in 1953, when two kids were playing baseball, with a broomstick handle and a plastic perforated golf ball.

The reason they didn’t play softball, was because of two (or three) reasons:

“Reason #1: You needed more…”

Reason #1: You needed more players for playing softball.

Reason #2: Several windows were at risk of being broken (thus, kids would be getting into a lot of trouble).

After throwing curve balls for a while, one of the kids complained to his father about how his arm was bothering him.

“The father, being…”

The father, being a semi-pro baseball pitcher, wanted to prevent his son from hurting himself at a young age, since he understood, that:

Throwing curve balls at a young age wasn’t good for growing kids.

Being the caring father that he is, he went out of his way and picked up some ball-shaped plastic parts from a nearby factory and cut various designs, into them.

“…the son and the dad, both agreed that the…”

After testing out the several designs, the son and the dad, both agreed that the ball with the 8 oblong perforations was the best design out of the bunch.

Why does the wiffle ball work?

Go to this article here, since there, a mechanical engineer at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, discovered why and how does the wiffle ball work.

“Those at wiffle ball…”

Those at wiffle ball didn’t even understand how it worked, back then, but i’m guessing now they do.

Wiffle ball's very own wiffle ball bat and ball physics explained.

They re-tweeted that same article a few weeks ago. I’m guessing, now, they understand how it works.

This innovative ball made it incredibly difficult to hit, due to the fact that it curved a lot when thrown.

Strikeouts, as you might’ve guessed, were very common.

“How did the wiffle ball get…”

How did the wiffle ball get it’s name?

In the founding father’s neighborhood, a strikout was called a “wiff”, which has led to their brand name “WIFFLE”.

The rules for this fun game, are the same ones that the son used for his own backyard wiffle ball games.

“…after he saw the enjoyment that the boys derived from…””

The boy’s father created and sold more of those wiffle balls, after he saw the enjoyment that the boys derived from playing this newly invented game.

The game, as you can tell, caught on, and is now, 64 years later, a 2017 National Toy Hall of Fame Finalist.

Wiffle Ball is a 2017 Hall of Fame Finalist!

Do you see  wiffle ball, in the middle of all of those historic toys?

5. FlagHouse Dura-Bat:

Read FlagHouse’s Company History:

In case you didn’t read about FlagHouse’s history a few reviews back, I’d figure you’d be annoyed if I were to re-post the same content on here.

That’s exactly why I will provide you with a link to read more about FlagHouse’s history.

This way, I wont have repeating content.

ATTENTION Wiffle Ball 360 Viewers!

Need A Wiffle Ball Strike Zone? Click This LInk:

==> Wiffle Ball Strike Zone (Review): Xtra Fielder Pro Strike Zone Net

Want to Learn How To Throw A Wiffle Ball Curve? Click Here:

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Want to Hear Some Wiffle Ball Puns? Click Down Below:

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Are You a Wiffle Ball Enthusiast? Click Here:

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2:48 P. M

Dear Reader,

I honestly think anything can be good and bad, since everything seems to have a good and a bad side, if you really think about it.

I’ll show you here the good and the bad of purchasing these Wiffle ball bats from Amazon. Enjoy.

– Javier H.

Citation(s); http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/easton-sports-inc-history/

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