Learn: 17 Wiffle Ball Rules (Gifs Included!)

Rules Of Wiffle Ball

    1. In Wiffle ball it is recommended that you have up to 10 playersRules of Wiffle Ball


  1. Rock, Paper, Scissors or tossing a coin can be used to decide who bats first and who is in charge of the Wiffle Ball.Wiffle Ball Fields

  2. Every single person who bats has three chances to blast the Wiffle ball and try to attempt hitting the ball into one of the scoring zones.

    Wiffle Ball Set

    Just Be Careful, Or There Could Be Consequences.

  3. If unfortunately the batter does not hit the Wiffle ball on one of the three pitches the person is out, similar to in baseball.bats

  4. Stealing bases is not allowed in Wiffle ball. The only way to move is through the action of a scoring shot.batting

  5. When the Wiffle ball results in landing in the single zone, the player advances one base.where to buy

  6. If the Wiffle ball results in landing into the double zone, the Wiffle ball player can advance two bases.        where to buy

  7. In case the Wiffle ball results in landing into the triple zone, the Wiffle ball player is allowed to advance three bases.How to play

  8. If the Wiffle ball ends up past the triple zone, the powerful hitter has scored an astonishing home run.how to play

  9. Every time a Wiffle ball player makes it round the base, they have scored a run for their lucky team.wiffle ball point

  10. Two ways can lead to a Wiffle ball hitter in being out. The Wiffle ball was caught by the opposing team, or they swing and miss three times.

    Two roads going in opposite directions. Get it?

  11. The inning is over if three are “out” or if all the batters have had their turn. You have to ability to choose. Afterwards, the opposing Wiffle ball team can take the Wiffle ball bat and attempt to get ahead in Wiffle ball.Rules of Wiffle Ball

  12. Usually each team has 6 innings, but that can be changed if the team’s agree to different number of innings.

  13. Wiffle ball games can be played with a time limit. The time limit in Wiffle ball is usually 55 minutes.

  14. The Wiffle ball team with the most runs, at the end of the game, is usually the glorious winner.

  15. Some Wiffle ball leagues allow for a draw, splitting up the points between both competing Wiffle ball teams, only when both sides end up with the same number of runs.

    Get it? He’s doing a split?

  16. Others allow each Wiffle ball team another inning, where the highest scoring team takes the highly-sought after W.rules of wiffle ball

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