Stop Annoying Your Friends Instantly: Jugs Soft Toss Machine Review

Jugs Soft Toss Machine Review By Wiffle Ball 360

Jugs Soft Toss Machine is an amazing tossing aid and an immediate solution for your batting needs. The device (once set up) allows you to blast an automatic pitch every 5 seconds to dispose of the annoying need of self-pitching and relief others of having to help you practice.

Some standard features include:

  • Stay Back Sore Back! : Cradles up to four-teen heavy baseballs or ten soft softballs, preventing you from constantly bending your sensitive back.
  • No Everlasting Charges : It contains an incredible eight-hour monster of a battery life.
  • No Swinging N’ Missing! : Helps boost your shocking batting accuracy.
  • No Gigantic Room: Play in any tiny space. ( Including your own treeless backyard and noisless garage ).
  • No Uncertainty : Helps amplify your minimum confidence and your horrific hand-eye coordination.
  • No Tricky Transportation: Weighs only thirteen pounds.
  • No Time-Consuming Set-Up: Instantly start playing.
  • No Compex Set-Up! : Set everything in motion, effortlessly.
  • And more features

Getting Comfortable With It:

The package comes with three components:

  • Jugs Soft Toss Machine
  • 24-page Toss Machine book
  • Jugs Throw-Down home plate

To learn more about using the Jugs Soft Toss Machine for daily use, refer to this video:

For an extended battery life, charge the battery for 24 continuous hours once every month. If the battery is not holding a full charge or has been discharged for a while, charge it for 5 consistent days. Avoid at all costs charging for more than five consistent days.

The Downside:

  • The device is fairly expensive, so finding a cheaper alternative may be beneficial for some people.
  • Certain individuals have had negative experiences with the Soft Toss Machine, including the device not working properly upon arrival.

How Much Does it Cost?

Jugs Soft Toss Machine In-Depth Review, By ( Picture of a Debit Card ).

The seller offers the Jugs Soft Toss Pitching Machine currently for $234.99 and free shipping as an added bonus. If you are an Amazon Prime member, your new soft toss machine will arrive quickly within two business days.

Pros and Cons


  • Smell the fresh aroma and vibrant colors of the cool summer air while you swing and hit the torn-up baseballs (or softballs).
  • Stop whimpering while you rub circles around your sore back and only hunch over when you’ve blasted through 14 baseballs ( or 10 softballs )
  • Stop constantly pacing back and forth, eagerly checking if your solid machine has finished gulping up massive amounts of electricity, since it packs a punch with an incredible 8 hour battery life.
  • Start feeling the thump of your baseball flying off the edge of your metal bat and stop tirelessly swinging at the tiny air molecules.
  • Stop pulling your hair follicles out of your scalp while you frustratingly trod along and analyze the green horizon for the perfect spot to play, because you can play in any teeny-tiny, 10-by-10 foot space.
  • Keep your chin up, and inflate your confidence by constantly blasting the torn-up ball through the cool air.
  • Avoid building massive mountains on your tanned muscles, after you wrap your hands around your newly-bought plastic machine and hurriedly stomp your feet towards your trunk, since it’s lightweight.
  • Stop holding back the thin arrow on your microscopic watch, while your mind races back and forth, trying to quickly figure out how to instantly get your new machine to rapidly start chucking baseballs towards you, since you’ll tilt your head back and loudly let out a yawn at the very end of the boring, quick set up.
  • Toss your unnecessary frustrations into your white trash can and immediately slap your happy face on, while you instantly set everything in motion.
  • Jugs Toss includes a 2-Year Warranty: Butchering any heart-thumping angst you may have of the plastic product not functioning correctly (Review website for more details ).
  • Jugs personal throw-down home plate is included.
  • Practice smacking grounders: For offensive and defensive drills.
  • Use several types of balls ( Baseballs, softballs, dimpled balls, seamed balls and more; Check website to learn more ).
  • No electricity required ( For up to eight hours ).
  • Used all around the country by Pitching Machine Leagues, Youth Leagues, High Schools and Colleges.


  • Should not be placed inside a trunk (Temperatures can reach up to 180 degrees, damaging the product)
  • Only 11 to 12 inch softballs can be used with this machine.
  • Battery comes with a short 6-month warranty.

Still unsure whether to invest your money in this device? Learn more about the Jugs Soft Toss Machine by watching this useful video alongside an Oregon Baseball Hall Of Fame Coach:

Jugs Soft Toss Machine FAQs:

  1. How long does Jugs Soft Toss Machine take to fully charge?

    Jugs Toss Machine requires approximately 12 hours to fully recharge the battery.

  1. Will Jugs Soft Toss Machine throw Wiffle Balls?

    It can, but it may be thrown out of range for hitting or the arc may be off if the arm hits a wiffle ball dimple.

  1. How can I clean Jugs Soft Toss Machine?

    To clean your newly purchased Jugs Soft Toss Pitching Machine, use a slightly damp cloth. Never use chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

  1. Where can I purchase Jugs Soft Toss Machine?

Visit the Amazon site to make your order today and enjoy 2-Day Prime shipping.