Curve Balls In Wiffle Ball!

How To Thow A Wiffle Ball Curve [Step-By-Step] 

How To Throw A Wiffle Ball Curve

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You found your lot, now it’s time to play.

After a few practice pitches you realize a wiffle ball doesn’t sail the same way a baseball or softball might. If you really want to dominate from the mound you’ll have to learn to throw the coveted wiffle ball curve.

Lucky for you that’s the reason wiffle ball was actually invented!

The slotted holes and light weight are the reason a wiffle ball glides through the air so easily. Depending on your finger placement you can make the ball do all sorts of maneuvers that will leave your opponents frustrated at home plate.

Throwing a wiffle ball curve is largely dependent on finger placement.

For the purpose of this instruction (and further instruction) we will refer to the ball as “hole side” and “smooth side”. Hole side is the side with the slotted holes, smooth side is, well, the smooth side.

Also, figure out which hand is your dominate hand, which should be the hand you write with. Most players will use their right hand, so the instructions will be for a right handed pitcher.

If you’re a leftie, simply reverse the instructions.

How To Throw A Wiffle Ball Curve:

1. Hold your wiffle ball so the smooth side is facing to the left, and the hole side is facing right. Your thumb, pointer finger, and middle finger will be doing a majority of the holding.

2. Place your thumb on the bottom of the smooth side, supporting the bottom of the ball.

3.Place your pointer finger on the top of the smooth side, a few centimeters away from the top of the ball where the smooth side and hole side meet.

4. Place your middle finger along the imaginary line where the smooth side and hole side meet, so your middle finger is partially covering the holes.
If done correctly, these three fingers should be making a “C” shape, with your thumb as the bottom of the C and your pointer and middle finger as the top.

5. Finally, tuck your ring finger in against the bottom of the ball on the hole side, so the side of your first knuckle is touching the ball.

6. Tuck your pinky tight against your ring finger.

Now it’s time to pitch! Try throwing your ball like any other normal pitch.

If done correctly, you should see your wiffle ball curve move a few feet to the side before coming back into the strike zone.

I bet your first pitch wasn’t perfect, and that’s fine!

It takes some practice to get the wiffle ball curve down, here’s some tips:

1. Maintain the “C”. It might feel awkward at first, but make sure you keep your fingers in the proper position throughout the pitch, it’s what makes the ball curve.

2. Try letting go of the ball at different points through your pitch to see how it flies, and adjust accordingly.

3. Make sure you are throwing towards a target. A plastic yard chair works best.

4. Most importantly, practice, practice, practice!

After a few tries you should be ripping wiffle ball curve like nobody’s business.

Once you have the curveball down you can learn more advanced pitches.

Your friends won’t want anybody else on the mound as you lead them to victory time and time again.

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