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5 BORING Wiffle Ball Facts (Don’t Yawn)… 

Did you know:

1. The Wiffle Ball Was Created When Marylin Monroe Was Barely 36…

Wiffle Ball Facts: Image 1

2. Fairfield, Connecticut was home to the first Wiffle ball …

Wiffle Ball Facts: Image 2

Located here, in case you didn’t know where that was.

Wiffle Ball Facts: Where Was The Wiffle Ball Created?

A closed-up image, to give you a better idea of where exactly Fairfield, Connecticut is located.

3. The Wiffle ball weighs almost as much as a Carolina wren at (0.7 oz) …

Comparing a Carolina Wren to a Wiffle Ball. Wiffle Ball Facts Image #4

A picture of a Carolina Wren, (which weighs in at 0.6-0.8oz) . (Credit allaboutbirds.com)

4. The first regional, multi-state tour was created in 1996. (Which included tournaments in Long Island, Philadelphia, Cleveland, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Providence, and more cities) …

Wiffle Ball Facts. Picture #5

Traveling across the globe. Get it?

5. Wiffle Up, was the name of the first tournament stated above.

Wiffle Ball Facts. Picture #6.

Wiffle Ball Facts: Picture #7

See what I did there?

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