Can A Bat Be Good And Bad? Click here to find out

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Dear reader,        

      I honestly think anything can be good and bad, since everything seems to have a good and a bad side, if you really think about it.

    I’ll show you here the good and the bad of purchasing these Wiffle ball bats from Amazon. Enjoy. 

– Administrator


  • 97 reviews with an average of 4 and a half stars rating

  • Ultra Light Weight 10.9 Oz (0.68 LB)

  • Modeled After A Professional Wood Series Bat

  • Extremely strong for a plastic bat

  • Affordable


  • Plastic ball sucks and will dent easily

  • Three reviewers complained about their wiffle ball bat being bent

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  • 56 reviews with an average of 4 and a half stars

  • Great for teaching children of all abilities

  • 4″ diameter to make it easier to hit the ball

  • Lightweight 4.8oz (0.3Lbs)

  • Only 26 inches in length

  • One year manufacturer’s warranty against any manufacturer’s defects


  • Can purchase at a lower price at other stores, if you can find them

  • 2 buyers reported receiving a thinner than advertised bat

  • One reviewer said that they did not received the bat in the picture

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  • 120 reviews with an average rating of 4 stars

  • Exact replica of the genuine C271 34″ big league baseball bat but made of plastic

  • Genuine wood grain look

  • Made in the good old USA

  • A plastic ball is included to allow you to immediately start playing

  • Extremely fun to use in a game of wiffle ball


  • Maybe hard to hit a wiffle ball

  • Some people complained about the toughness of that bat, meaning it cracked quickly

  • Some customers received a pink bat, instead of a black one

  • Few reviewers complained about their bat arriving bent

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Why You Should Purchase:

  • 42 Reviews With an average of 4.4 stars rating

  • Three Wiffle balls are included

  • Made of high quality plastic

  • Constructed in the USA

  • Safe (Created for slow and limited flight)

  • Makes it great for children

  • Hours of fun


  • You could purchase cheaper bats elsewhere.

  • One user reported that the bat dented easily, after a couple of uses

  • One user complained that the bat arrived with a crack at the bottom of the bat (They had to tape it back up, to allow the bat to function and to prevent their 3 year old from getting cut while using it)

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Why You Should Purchase:

  • 25 reviews averaging 4 ½ stars  

  • Stocky-Walled Plastic that can endure damage

  • 1 year manufacturer warranty against manufacturer defects

  • Affordable

  • Terrific for teaching kids of every age

  • Lightweight 7.68 oz (0.48 lb)

  • Users positively commented on the size of the Wiffle ball bat, saying it was a good length for their children, since one user reported that it wasn’t too short for their child to use, making it easier to hit the Wiffle ball


  • Two users complained about how the wiffle bat she received wasn’t straight upon arrival

  • One reviewer said that the bat pictured was slightly colored differently than the bat they received (her Wiffle ball bat was colored a dull navy).

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